Firenze - May 10 - Day 8 

Valentino invited me to join the ‘pedibus’. Every morning, a row of about 40 children walks from the beginning of the Viale dei Bambini to the school on the Montagnola. There was a book presentation in the school and Valentino hoped that I could help getting parents and kids to this book presentation.

We arrived at 08 :00 am. Valentino was already there. Ief layed me out in my full length. The kids started playing on me. Valentino explained  to the parents his idea. But there was a resistance and doubt. Nor we or Valentino knew if I could be worn on the shoulder of these people and kids. Simply because of the fact that we never did it before. But when we were paralyzed by thoughts and doubts, kids started to lift up my nose. A moment later, someone lifted up my tail. And before anyone knew what was happening, a row of kids and parents were carrying me towards the school.

We arrived on the mountain. People applauded for each other. I was laid in a circle so that a fully enclosed space was created. And so I stayed all day on the lawn for the school.

In 1969 the neighborhood protested against the construction of a disco on the Montagnola, an artificial (waste) mountain. Instead of a disco the neighborhood wanted a school. They placed a tent on the Montagnola, occupied the mountain, and won the battle. The paper on the tent said: This is the primary school.