Firenze - May 11 - Day 9 

Today I was part of the city council. Our suggestion was to re-discuss one agenda item from a different perspective. I invited the councils participants to discuss the project of the mosque with me outside, after the end of the city council, starting from my perspective as a strange visitor of Isolotto.

Ief shared posters and flyers before the start of the city council. Sylvia introduced us. At the end of the city council we welcomed the councilors at the emergency exit of the boardroom.

Although we certainly took into account the fact that no-one might want to participate in this odd initiative, almost all members took place on me. Silvia moderated the conversation.

Kids respond to me, without a doubt. When I’m laying somewhere, it seems as if a temporary space is created. Like this. Or like a few days ago on the banks of the Arno river. But more things are happening, though I do not know exactly what. I always seem to leave a story in the places I’ve been.