Firenze - May 12 - Day 10 

Maurizio carried my head, and so 40 people drove me in and out of the Community of Isolotto, where the archive and history of Isolotto are also kept. We walked further to the Viale dei Bambini, to the lawn below the terrace of Cosetta’s house. They laid me down in a circle. Ief asked everyone to sit down and told me what I had done the last 10 days: the city council, Emma’s house, the Pedibus, … Afterwards, everyone presented themselves. It was the first time we had a conversation after an improvisation.

After this moment Ief started to create a word with me, with the help of the participants : fiaba. I can write I thought. Should I have to bring one thing from Isolotto, it would be this memory and this word.
We kept the children at a distance and took a picture of the word. Once this happened we went away. The children played and rewrote the word.