Firenze - May 14 - Day 12

We went back to Leuven – 1400 km. I hear the monotonous rumble of the expressway. I slowly sink myself into a universe of blue bands. Within 1400 km I will fall into a deep sleep.
Twelve days ago, I was thrown, all 65 meters of me, into the Viale dei Bambini. There was no plan. Everything was a combination of luck and improvisation. The encounters with the people. The interventions. The school. Emma’s and Cosetta’s houses. The conversation after the city council. The cafés in the marketplace. The banks of the Arno and the actions in the Viale dei Bambini. Unconscious choreographies arose. Temporary meeting places in public space. Playgrounds. Disturbances.
There is still so much I want to do. Climb into trees. Swimming. To be held between people in crowded squares. Enter and exit windows of an apartment building … For a longer period of time, stay in one house or organization.

As I see the snow, everything quiets down. Another 1200 km to go. I fall slowly into a deep blue sleep.