Firenze - May 4 - Day 1

10:17 am. We arrived at the place where we would start: Viale dei Bambini. They rolled me off the trailer, took away the tarpaulin, and with the help of relatives they have tried to make a pavilion.

Around five o’clock many people started to come. And almost everyone stayed. Suddenly there was one of my ends with around fifteen children jumping up and down on it. On my other side, they dragged me over the grass and stuck sticks through the blue ribbons, while ten other children just walked over and over me. And while all of this was happening, my other end was pulled with a strap two floors up into an apartment!

Leaning over the edge of the balcony, with my first meter in an apartment, I started thinking. Is this where I am made for? To be a sort of playground for kids? At the same time I looked into the bedroom and in a flash other options crossed my mind. I saw personal stuff on the bedside table. Photos of people you do not know. Objects that are meaningless for me but probably of great value and meaning for the resident. I wanted to find out more. I need to dive in to the heads and harts of the people and the place here. That’s where I will find material with which I can do and become something.
Fifteen meters below, the violence continued. I felt I lost more energy than I could give. There was no plan today. They just jumped into the depths, and we completely surrendered ourselves to the energy of the moment. The tree of us felt completely empty at the end of the day, but it was a great start. Tomorrow I will stay on my bobbin. Ief is going to visit residents and search for points of connection, material, stories. He is going to dive in to the worlds I saw when I leaned over the balcony.