Firenze - May 6 - Day 3

They took care of me all morning. After the first day, I needed some little repairs here and there. Especially my ends were weak points.

In the afternoon we went to the marketplace. This was a second experiment, after the first day’s roller coaster. This was different. We were alone and had full freedom to choose what we would do. In the marketplace there was a long gallery with columns. On the right side it was empty but on the left side was a bar and terrace with some older men playing cards and drinking coffee. I wanted to meander in and out of the gallery between the columns, but I particularly wanted to go among the men’s legs and chairs. What would they do when I would arrive?

We started at the right side. I was still on the bobbin. The easiest way to get me off the bobbin was to move the bobbin between the columns as I was rolled off. We came closer and closer. The men became uncomfortable. They stood up because they wanted to make way for the danger that seemed to be approaching. Ief spoke to them, but nobody spoke English, and he does not speak Italian. He could only show with his hands that they could stay and play. Someone walked away. They played an animated battle? I did not want them to make away, I just wanted to lie between them.

After many gestures, they understood that they could stay. The bobbin was pushed towards the street so I completely got rolled off the bobbin, and afterwards I was further put between the pillars, through and under the tables and chairs of the coffee-drinking and card-playing men.

What a manifestation. It was the first time we realized an intervention in a direct way from the energy of a place. Ief sat down on me. Bout went to get coffee. Meanwhile, five young people asked if they could make a lot of me again. Like two days ago. Before I got into it, Ief had my ends turned into five circles, and five of them were squeezing down on me. I can earn my money as a professional child animator. That is already clear. And so on the one hand I was a playground for teenagers, and on the other hand … a strange visitor. We shared the flyers, which were in four languages. Flyers as big as a poster.

Tomorrow there is a yard sale on the marketplace. I would like to be draped in and out of the windows of an apartment across the street. People could see us at work. We have visited one apartment building. Most doors stayed closed. Tomorrow early we try again. In the afternoon we want to be here in the square.