Guangzhou_day 2_the square

From my sleeping place they walk with me through the streets. It is the first time that I am being used outside. We want to go to the market.

The cars. The market vendors. The police station on the corner of the square. There is a little tension about whether we are allowed to be here or not.

I am being lifted and we are walking through the crowds to the market. People are interested. Ief shows them photos from previous places I have been and tries to speak with them. Clouds of unintelligible words rise up. I feel everyone sitting on me - 38 people. Does anyone know that I am Rope? I think as hard as I can and hope that my name becomes visible in a cloud above me. A few people lift me and a car drives under me.

The policemen urge a man to help carry me. We are now with enough people and from the market we walk through narrow streets to the temple. Ief tries to take me into the temple, but a man comes out and shouts that it is not allowed. I look down and see children playing and people smiling. I look up and see a veil of unintelligible clouds. I also see a big cloud with my name. A child is lying on his back on me, staring into the sky. Does he see who I am?