Guangzhou_day 5_canton tower

I already saw you from a distance in Xiaozhou Village, Canton Tower. I know that you were made by the Dutch and that you understand me and that you were once the tallest tower in the world. In 2010 you were overtaken by the Tokyo Sky Tree. That must have been a considerable shock. I do not think I would mind if a 61-meter rope crossed my path. Because of my size, I lost my purpose and found my destiny: finding a new purpose. Your purpose was simply to be the tallest.

I am lying here like a photoshoot model. Nobody is sitting or lying on me. No idea who came up with this. I only come alive through the stories of others. Now I am useless. Like you, no longer the tallest tower. I look up. The sky around you looks black with incomprehensible words. I imagine that the incomprehensible words fall down one by one, like the slow beginning of a  rainstorm, and that the blue sky becomes visible again. Blue like me. Blue like the pants. Blue like Drying Rack. Blue like Protruding Ends. Blue like Blue Mural. Blue like tubes and blue like Chair.

I see a blue work coat in my memory. It is the blue work coat of the first man who helped us in Xiaozhou. Our thoughts floated like clouds above our heads.

Rope: Hello Canton Tower.

Canton Tower: ...

Rope: Hello Canton Tower.

Canton Tower: ...

Rope: Nǐ hǎo!

Canton Tower: ...

Rope: Have you forgotten how to speak?

Canton Tower: ...

Rope: Are you still in shock from 2010?

Canton Tower: ...

Here we go again.

The truck's tarp closes.

I am in the dark again.

On the way to new views.

Nobody ever tells me where we are going.

Rope (front): Hello Rope.

Rope (back): 你好

Rope (front): How is it in the back Rope?

Rope (back): Same as in the front Rope: dark.

Rope (front): Did you say "你好", Rope?

Rope (back): Yes Rope, 你好.

My back end begins to speak Chinese.

A good start to come back here again.