Ropes are quick helpers, whether short or long, thick or thin, made of hemp, sisal or plastic. Yet, what happens when a rope suddenly becomes so disproportionally large that it almost completely loses its previously known properties and acquires a completely new quality? And what if it is then also placed in an unexpected spatial context?

The installation “Rope” invites you to co-design the immediate environment. Its inventor, Belgian artist Ief Spincemaille, refers to it as an open-design instrument. The added message of Rope is clear and unmistakable: “Do something with me!”

Ief Spincemaille travels around with his 60m long Rope. He arrives unattended with his Rope, and improvises various situations. As a giant open-design instrument, new designs and functions arise out of the energy between Rope and the reality it encounters. Rope writes about its travels:

During all these travels, Rope turned out to be an artwork and a functional object at the same time: it’s a fantastic instrument to create unique soical spaces. To develop it’s design function, Spincemaille works together with designers to rethink and recreate the shape and form of Rope. For the Salone Del Mobile 2018, designer Leila Boukhalfa made an adaptation for interior use.

You can invite or host the 60m long blue Rope and custom made and context specific Ropes can be designed from different materials and colors, from 1 to ∞ meters. Contact for more information about prices, models, colors and delivery time.

Rope is a project from Ief Spincemaille

Since its creation in april 2017 Rope has attended festivals, workshops and shows in:

Fabrica Europa festial, Firenze (Italy)

CRCLR house, Berlin (Germany)

D-conferene, Potsdam (Germany)

Fabrica Belgica, Berlin (Germany)

Luca Biënnal, Leuven (Belgium)

Salone Del Mobile, Milaan (Italy)

M - museum, Leuven (Belgium)

Wiels museum, Brussels (Belgium)

On tour with Invited, Europe.

The 60m long Rope and the performance in Firenze was produced and made possible by the support of the Flemish Authorities and N.O.W. It was commissioned by N.O.W [New Open Working Process for the Performing Arts] with the support of extrapole, Fabbrica Europa, Indisciplinarte, Latitudes Contemporaines, Lókal, Mom/El Vivero, Trafó, wpZimmer - Co-funded by the Creative European Program of the European Union.