Day 1: right through a building


Imran (7 years old) was the first person awaiting me. Ief asked if he had friends. He was going to get another 2.5 friends and eventually returned with his neighbor Adan. They took me in the elevator to the 8th and 9th floor. They hung my head and tail from the windows of Mustafa’s apartment and Siham’s apartment. They hung my middle section over the gallery at the back of the building. I surely hung 30 meters high, right through the building. Laundry and sheets fluttered out of the windows below me and above me. I don’t know why I hung here. It was cold, I felt small and the laundry had nothing to say.

Mustafa brought us tea that he poured into the cups from a great height. Maybe this was a kind of sport and he wanted to show his skills. His wife prepared food and wore a scarf over her head. Mustafa said it used to be better here. That young people are now destroying things and using drugs. That his neighbor has been living here since 1955 and that someone was also born and died in this building. This building and the architect used to be famous throughout Europe. Ief said that even the United Nations Housing Commission had visited here. A dream on earth with built-in kitchens, galleries on all floors and strange “elephant legs” on which the entire building rests.

Now the doors hang from their hinges, the concrete is rotten and there are notices in the elevators telling you to pee at home. That seems logical to me, but I never have to pee so I am definitely not going to make any statements about this.

Tomorrow I will lie down on the grass in front of these buildings. I am going to imagine that the doors hang in their hinges, that the concrete is smooth and strong and that it makes sense that you don’t pee in lifts. And then I will visit Mustafa’s neighbor and look inside her memory of this dream on elephant legs, 65 years ago.