Day 4 - Betty’s Medals


I lay on a large lawn marked with white lines. Maybe there will be a parking lot for cars here, and they haven’t finished painting all the lines on the ground yet. They placed me on a circle drawn with a white line, and I turned out to be just a little too long. Then they put me on a white line that traversed the entire field, and I turned out to be a little too short. Then a woman called Betty came. She pointed to everything on the ground that had been here before. Back then there was a high jump area, a shot put area and an athletics track. Betty laid me in a kind of V shape. It was the place where javelin throwing was done. Betty won a medal for javelin and running here. I was closer to the ground than anyone else and heard the sounds from long ago. It was the same period as when the ‘Braemblokken’ were still a dream on earth.

Several people entered the site. They picked me up and carried me from the lawn onto the street. There are many people everywhere. As if people live outdoors here. We walked in the middle of the street so that the cars had to wait behind us.

We walked through a park and then through a small building to another lawn, also with white stripes. Betty was there again. She was standing in the middle of the lawn, on a white dot. Betty won medals on a track that is now buried under the turf with white stripes. But here she has created a new track, where she trains young people so that they might also win medals. The porters walked on the running track around the lawn, and then walked over to Betty. We circled Betty until I formed a spiral around her. They lowered me to the ground. Everyone sat down, except Betty.