Day 5: madam 20


I lay on a very tiny square with 20 houses. I know that for sure because Madam 20 lives in the last house with house number 20. Everyone calls her Madam 20. Madam 20 brought us tea and Madam 13 brought us hot water to wash me. Everyone here has the name of the house number where they live. I think this is a good system. Here too, most people sit outside, on a bench in front of their house. A block away is the Abdijstraat, where they carried me yesterday.

The granddaughter of Madam 13 played with us all day. I don’t know if the girl is then called Girl 13 and what one does if two ladies live at the same house number.

Mrs. 7 thought I was a water hose and that someone had flooded their basement. She therefore stayed inside all day because she did not want to interfere with the water in someone else’s basement. At the end of the day, Mrs. 7 did come outside and she got goosebumps from my story. Yesterday Ief ate chicken and I saw the skin of a chicken. I don’t wish anyone goose bumps.

Girl 13 stayed with me all day and took all her toys out of the closet for me: a puzzle, dolls, a guitar... Girl 13 speaks loudly to men and softly to women. At the end of the day they wrote the letters of Girl 13’s name with me: IDA. Ief always tells everyone that I am too big and therefore do not know what to do with myself, that I have no function. After all my travels I no longer agree: I storytell. Hello Ball, they can put you on any terrain and you roll forward as if it is nothing, but I, I speak.