Ostend_Day 6 Around Rope - Saskia De Coster 


Today someone was with us who wrote what she saw. I will now be silent for a moment.


Ten floors he descends
No, there are fewer
Sometimes he just says whatever, he says
He saw four letters burning
On the ground in the park

HELLO it said
If he gets a good day, he is polite
And gives one back
Rope said hi, he came
He just says whatever

He will be honest standing here now
Rope looked nicer from his window
Still packed, under the plastic
Rolled up like a promise

What is it he’s saying
Words are dangerous
Every word he speaks now
Will soon have him
Tossing and turning
He should have kept shut
Should have just watched and lie still

Just like Rope
On the sofa made of grass in the park under his window in the Nieuwe Stad in Ostend in the world
For thirty years now he has been going to the psychiatrist and he said he said

He is Stefaan Banaan
He taps his fat belly and laughs
Does not want to be on the picture
Because he intrudes the void by existing
Will not talk in the bar
Because he intrudes with his words
He wants to keep silent out of respect
Otherwise the conversation
Will be a noose round his neck

The doctor told him to never work again
Or he will never cease his thinking
Will be drowning in a black pool
That he dug in his own head

Maybe Rope could for a moment
Become a square
As to contain everything
He has barely spoken the words and
The blue Rope already lies there
Squarely at his feet
It is a miracle here on earth
That he speaks and is heard

And if he looks from his window way up high
He see down there in the park
On top of the four letters of that day
A blue bed to lie on
To find peace and quiet

He dreams of a detached house filled with rest
And barbeques and music
But Rope is already something

Rope looks like a swimming pool
See, what does he say now
It was lovely, Rope
Now he’s tired, time to say goodbye

The rain falls suddenly out of the sky
Rope turns into a mop
Even the clouds obey him every time
I can hardly believe

Sorry for saying so many dumb things, he mutters
Only Rope can hear him